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The Dos and Don’ts Regarding Diet for Liver Cancer Patients

Patients suffering from cancer of the liver normally require special attention in addressing the condition. In the first place cancer of the liver drastically reduces the patient’s appetite for food. Because food provides the body with the required energy reserves, loss of appetite deprives it of this crucial resource. It is of utmost importance to eat the appropriate food to supply energy for fighting the disease. Below are some guidelines on the do and don’ts regarding diet for liver cancer patients.

Eat More of Natural Foods
The most important work of the liver is to detoxify the body by eliminating the accumulated toxins in the bloodstream. The chemicals in the processed foods eventually end up in the liver thereby exacerbating an already worse problem for cancer patients. Because of this, someone with liver cancer should keep off processed foods, together with food that has many chemicals, as much as possible. Instead, eat food that is organic and naturally grown.

Use Foods like Ginger And Its Likes
Ginger and its products are usually recommended for those who experience frequent bouts of nausea. The use of ginger can, therefore, work well in countering nausea for liver cancer patients which results from its treatment. Other foods that can also help prevent nausea include toast and bananas, applesauce and crackers.

Keep Away From Fatty and Oily Foods
Patients suffering from cancer of the liver are also advised to avoid meats with fat such as pork, lamb, and beef. The appropriate replacement for this kind of meat would be fish, beans, and poultry which will supply the necessary nutrients without much risk. Broiling, baking as well as poaching are also recommended methods of cooking instead of frying.

Let Your Food Be Moderately Cooked
It is better to choose foods that do not require much energy in terms of preparation before eating. You can also go for foods that do not require prolonged cooking. This will ensure that you preserve the precious energy for the crucial functions of the body. Examples of such meals include eggs and frozen meals, peanut butter, cheese and tuna.

Strategies on how and when You Will Eat
Most dietitians are of the opinion that it’s better that liver cancer patients eat several tiny meals instead of few heavy ones. Your appetite for food will be better maintained in this way. Its always the case that eating a heavy meal with involve filling your plate with food. This is normally counterproductive since it tends to discourage eating and loss of appetite. For such people, it would be better to have small meals six to eight times a day as compared to the three major daily meals. They are planned so that there are two-to-three-hour intervals between the meals.
These tips are intended help the patient restore their strength and stamina with which to face their condition.

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